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    December 8, 2023   |  Beginner Tips, Singbetter, Singing, Skill

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog!

My name is Martyna, and I am a singing teacher.

I decided to write about 10 things to remember when going for a singing lesson (but it can really correspond to any new skill):

1. It is okay to be nervous. It usually means you are both a little excited and worried. New situations and experiences can bring those emotions up. That is only temporary and it usually disappears after the first lesson. Some people experience nerves for a longer time, and that is fine too.

2. Lessons should be enjoyable, and you should have some goals in place. The learning process will be faster and more efficient if you are enjoying your time and your practice and have something to practice for. No matter how big or small, this can really enhance your experience and provide great motivation.

3. Be honest with your teacher; I promise they will not take it personally. If you don't like your new song or there is something else that is not sitting quite right for you, please bring it up. It's difficult to know someone's taste/habits if they don't speak about them. So you are actually doing us a favor 🙂

4. Lessons are not everything. Practice is. Singing is a skill that relies a lot on muscle memory and needs time (and repetition) to get better. If you never/do a minimum practice at home, it will take you longer to notice a real difference in your voice.

5. Ask questions. A lot. If you do not understand something, if something does not make sense, or is confusing, especially if you think it is a silly question, just ask. Because that question never ends up being silly.

6. Sometimes lessons can make you feel awkward. You might be making weird noises or poses, and they can genuinely seem like your teacher is pranking you. But hang in there, there is a method in this madness. Our brain likes silly things, and they actually stick more in our memory. Sometimes being out of the comfort zone is the best way to grow. In my personal experience, the longer I have been singing, the more silly my lessons became. It slightly ties up with the fact that the more we know, the more we tend to overthink certain things.

7. Be open-minded. Try not to close yourself only to one genre or one type of music. It is fun to explore other styles, and you might learn some valuable lessons along the way.

8. Actively engage in your lesson. While you might find my comments amusing, many students seem to grapple with this. Your lessons constitute a collaboration between you and your teacher. This means you should strive to participate actively. Provide detailed answers to questions and offer feedback. Speak up when you believe something went well, but refrain from apologizing if it didn't. Learning singing is inherently challenging since we can't continuously observe what's happening inside your larynx, lips, abdomen, and so forth. Frequently, we as teachers depend on your feedback as much as we focus on your sound. It's completely acceptable if you can't perfectly articulate the sensation you're experiencing, but by sharing with us, you provide valuable clues about whether our suggestions are effective for you or not.

9. If you can, record your lessons, or at least parts of it. It will provide you with a reminder of what to practice and provide a good way of measuring progress. It should also help you listen to the sound you are making and help with ear training.

10. Most importantly: it takes time. Singing, like any skill, takes time to learn, and even though some effects can be almost instant, it can take weeks/months for real development to come through. We do not expect that two sessions at the gym will turn us into a bodybuilder, and two lessons will not turn you into an opera singer.

If you try to implement these 10 things into your lesson, I promise it will change your perception of singing and will enhance your lessons. It is extremely important to remember that your singing lessons are for you. And it is you who has to get something out of them, so make the process fit you and your persona.

Is there anything else you would add to this list? Or is there something you do not fully agree with? Let me know in the comments down below.


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