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Now working as an in-demand Coventry based singing teacher & vocal coach Martyna Anna Siatkowska is a proud graduate of the University of Chichester Conservatoire and holds a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. Martyna's musical odyssey commenced at the age of 10, igniting her passion for the violin at the Music School in Końskie. Remarkably, by the age of 14, she had already attained a grade 8 equivalent, demonstrating her exceptional talent and dedication.

After relocating to the UK, Martyna achieved another milestone by securing Grade 8 in Musical Theatre, showcasing her versatility and proficiency across different musical genres. This early success laid the foundation for her journey into the world of vocal performance, where she has continued to flourish and evolve as a musician.

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Martyna's Teaching Style and Philosophy

If you're looking for an expert vocal coach around Coventry who really knows how to help take your singing ability to the next level, then Martyna is the perfect choice! Martyna's teaching philosophy is a harmonious blend of evidence-based technique and a holistic approach. Firmly rooted in the belief that everyone can sing given the right tools and time, she often emphasizes, "If you can produce speech, it also means you can sing."

With a deep passion for diverse musical genres, Martyna's personal journey continues with classical and opera styles. However, her versatility shines as she successfully teaches musical theatre, pop, and rock. Her teaching style is underscored by the understanding that a healthy voice is the foundation for all musical endeavours. As a qualified Vocal Health First Aider, Martyna prioritizes imparting knowledge about the mechanisms and processes within our voices to foster better singing.

Martyna's unique specialty lies in teaching confidence. Whether working with beginner children or adults who have never sung publicly before, she focuses on creating realistic musical goals tailored to each student. With experience leading both one-to-one and group sessions, music arrangements, composition, and a recent venture into conducting, Martyna offers a well-rounded and personalized musical education.

Fluent in both English and Polish, Martyna ensures her lessons cater to a diverse audience. Beyond teaching, she remains an active performer, gracing private events, ceremonies, and charity functions with her musical presence.

Martyna particularly enjoys teaching the youngest generations, with some of her students being as young as 3 and 4. She firmly believes that music provides the tools for life, creates resilience, and is a basic human need, not a privilege.

A strong advocate for community involvement, Martyna believes in the transformative power of music to create opportunities and break down barriers. She cherishes the ability to give back to the community through her musical expertise.

In both teaching and performance, Martyna exemplifies a deep commitment to nurturing musical talents and fostering a love for music that extends beyond individual lessons and resonates within the community.

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